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Profit Finders Reports

With Profit Finders, you don't just pay for the data. We are here as an extension of your process engineering team. A large part of that is taking the time to analyze and prepare the data in order to turn it into useful information.

Example Dashboard


Process Dashboard

Profit Finders provides clients with custom dashboards, custom production reports, and real-time alarms.

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Weekly Snapshot

Displays usage and cost charts along with process parameter graphs for the previous week. This is where you will see your savings using Profit Finders technology versus benchmark costs.

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Cost Per Hour Trending

Provides a "Big Picture" view of your process costs on a weekly basis. Cost-savings changes you make become easily quantifiable with this report.

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Data Overlay

Allows graphical viewing of daily data from two different parameters on one graph, or a single parameter from two different days on the same graph. This is an invaluable tool when troubleshooting process problems or comparing operations by shift.

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Demonstrates the degree of relationship between any two parameters we monitor. This is very helpful in predicting how certain changes will affect other parts of your process.

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Custom Reports

Upon request, unique reports can be created for you based on the parameters you specify. We can show chemical usage by shift, warm-up and cool-down times for ovens, natural gas usage by hour of the day, or any number of other ideas you may have.

 Chemical Usage vs. Concentration (pdf)

 Burn-Off Oven (pdf)

 Differential Pressure vs Water Flow (pdf)

 Natural Gas Usage by Hour of the Day (pdf)

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